Finéselect® veneered doors

Product description

Finéselect veneered doors give every interior a rural warmth or highly trendy attractiveness. These stylish interior doors are finished with a layer of natural wood veneer. If you wish, veneered doors can be coated with a clear lacquer in the factory for perfect, long-lasting protection.


The Finéselect doors are available in square-edged designs. The doors are also available in various grades and in versions resistant to fire and sound-proof.


The Finéselect® veneered door is a smooth interior door with a veneer top layer finish. The doors are supplied with concealed or visible real wood edgings or with matching foil finish edging.

Range of application

The Finéselect® doors are suitable for use in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The doors easily satisfy legal requirements.

The perfect combination of door and frame

The doors are excellent in combination with our white-lacquered steel frames. These are finished with a highquality, scratch and impact resistant lacquer layer. The door and frame fit each other perfectly and are available in various versions resistant to fire and sound. Combinations of these technical features are also possible.

The door units can be delivered ready to install and provided with the necessary cut-outs, holes and the corresponding hinges and hardware. Then, no further processing is required on site. This means that these door units are by far the most economical solution in the construction and renovation process.

Standard dimensions

Door thickness: about 40 mm
Door width: 530 – 1230 mm
Door height: 2015 – 2115 mm
Other dimensions available on request.




Quality certificates