Sliding door system ‘in the wall’

Product description

The Silence sliding door systems combine the optimum in space advantages and operating convenience with a smooth and timeless appearance. This makes the application of sliding door systems possible in almost any interior in both residential and non-residential buildings.

  • Silence Ultra
    The sliding door system consists of a sliding door frame with a matching sliding door, fitted with an aluminium grab edge in the colour of the frame. The grab edge can be fitted with an integrated sliding function or a free/engaged function, as you prefer. The Silence Ultra is fitted as standard with the latest closing technology, the push-to-run system. The sliding door system is also available in a 30-minute fire-resistant variant.
  • Silence Ultra Plus
    For extra comfort, choose the Silence Ultra Plus. This sliding door system has an integrated automatic braking device. This dampens the sliding motion automatically and closes the door softly.
  • Silence Ultra Electric
    Silence Ultra Electric is the ultimate in ease of use. The sliding door system is operated electrically by for example a sensor, a press button or a remote control. Furthermore, Silence Ultra Electric can be connected to fire alarm installations and to building management systems.


The Silence Ultra sliding door frame is a steel assembly frame, for a wall thickness of 100mm or 120mm.
The sliding frames are lacquered in the colour RAL 9010 or RAL 1013. The lacquered coat is scratchresistant and impact-resistant.
The sliding doors are lacquered in satin sheen (EBC White Lion), or laminated with HPL in your desired colour.

Range of application

Silence Ultra sliding door systems are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. They are also suitable where increased accessibility is required, such as in care and nursing homes.


Silence Ultra sliding door systems are available in 5 different models with various different widths and heights.




Quality certificates