Corporate Social Responsibility

Thinking and acting sustainably


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is key to how Theuma thinks and acts. We act responsibly and sustainably towards our customers and suppliers, and we take responsibility for the effects that our corporate activities have on people and the environment. You can read all about this in our sustainability reports.

Continuously improving

Our CSR policy is aimed at achieving a balance between People (social aspects), the Planet (ecological aspects) and Profit (economic aspects). We systematically integrate these aspects into our operational management. In this regard, we comply with the international standard ISO 26000. We have formulated social, ecological and economic objectives and measure our results in these areas. This allows us to further develop and continuously improve our organisation.


We actively involve our stakeholders in our CSR policy. It is also important that our employees can carry out their work in a safe, healthy manner as well as for them to be able to further develop and grow as a person.

  • Active HR policy for training, education and development
  • Integral labour conditions policy
  • Integral safety policy, including dealing with accidents and absences, Safety Certificate for Contractors
  • Variation and diversity in the HR policy
  • Transparency, integrity and reliability
  • Open communication with our stakeholders
  • Cooperation with schools, universities and knowledge centres
  • Employee participation


Theuma respects the environment through the efficient and intelligent use of raw materials, energy, water and production techniques.

  • Policy to reduce our ecological footprint (CO2 footprint)
  • Environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004
  • Sustainable purchasing
  • Generation of electricity via solar panels
  • Wood-burning furnace with heat recovery unit
  • Provision of FSC® certified doors and frames
  • Environmentally friendly varnish processes compliant with REACH
  • Reuse of materials, reduction of packaging materials and responsible disposal of waste


Making a profit means that we can invest in sustainable production processes, products, services and relationships with our stakeholders.

  • Focus on the customer and the market
  • Quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008
  • Research into and development of new products
  • Continuous improvement and sustainable innovation
  • Product and process control
  • Technical expertise and know-how
  • Flexible production and logistics systems
  • After-sales service

Quality certificates