Theuma introduces the Passion EBC lacquered door – A pearl of a door

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Witte-lakdeur-gang-hek-kleinTheuma has installed a brand-new EBC lacquering line in the door factory in Belgium. We would like to take this moment to re-introduce you to our EBC lacquered door: as Passion EBC lacquered door. A pearl of a door!

For over forty years, Passion EBC-lacquered doors from Theuma have meant a guarantee of unparalleled quality and durability. The name was chosen for a reason, because it expresses our passion to make the best possible lacquered doors for you.

The white lacquered interior doors meet all the structural requirements and combine a high level of design with guaranteed scratch- and lightproof. And, very important, the doors retain their quality, even after years of daily use, to provide a solution in which efficiency and aesthetics are in perfect balance. For a long, long time.

The ideal combination of door and frame

Our Passion EBC doors are available as a high quality flat interior door and as stylish design doors with carvings, panels or glass. They are excellent in combination with our white-lacquered wooden or metal frames. These are also finished with a highquality, scratch and impact resistant lacquer layer in a matching colour.

The door and frame fit each other perfectly and are available in various versions resistant to fire, sound and burglary. Combinations of these technical features are also possible.

The door units are delivered ready to install and are provided with the necessary cut-outs, holes and the corresponding hinges and hardware. No further processing is required on site. This means that these door units are by far the most economical solution in the construction and renovation process.

Perfect finish

The white-lacquered EBC doors from Theuma are lacquered using the Electron Beam Curing or EBC procedure in the White Lion colour. The unique EBC curing procedure guarantees a perfect finish with only four coats of lacquer. The coats of lacquer may be thicker than with other lacquering techniques, but are immediately cured fully during the lacquering process. The top layer is then subjected to precision bombardment with electrons, resulting in a uniform and glassy-smooth door surface.

Extremely sustainable production process

With EBC doors, you contribute to a more sustainable construction process. Theuma has installed a brand-new EBC lacquering line to further increase its quality and reduce its carbon footprint. The lacquering line is highly energy-efficient, has very low CO2-emissions and is, in contrast to other lacquer technologies, ozone free. The EBC lacquer does not contain organic solvents or hardeners. In other words, no harmful substances are emitted during the production process. This technology is currently the most nature-friendly industrial lacquering process that we know of.

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