MonoPlus® Assembly frames

Save time!

Theuma MonoPlus® montagekozijnThe MonoPlus® assembly frame is a true time saver as the frame is straightforward to fit and no special tools are required.


The MonoPlus® assembly frame is a steel interior door frame for a lipped or butted door and is available for the finished wall thickness range of 50 – 180 mm (in 5 mm increments). The MonoPlus® assembly frame is manufactured in material thicknesses of 1.0mm or 1.5mm. The butted version is also available in 1.5mm (or 2mm on request) and available in lid and cable profile shapes.

The range comprises various designs including fronts for use in house building and renovation projects. The MonoPlus® assembly frames, and the corresponding Theuma doors, are available in line with the various use and performance requirements set by the Building Decree for structural divisions, including the door and frame combination.

Frame design

Steel frames in 1mm or 1.5mm material thicknesses, with a polyester powder coat top layer applied in the EPC unit. The frame is fitted with securing clamps which are used to clamp it to the wall. Universal galvanised MonoPlus® loose-butt hinges (lipped) are used on the securing clamps or Fluence® sheet loose-butt hinges (butted).

Theuma MonoPlus® montagekozijn modellen overzicht


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