Silence® Ultra Sliding door systems

When every cm2 counts

Het Theuma Silence® schuifdeurkozijn is een stalen montagekozijn voor schuifdeuren

Unnecessary space is lost with the traditional rotating door on account of the turning circle. For an efficient use of space, Theuma has a low-noise, sliding door combination available that allows you to optimise the use of every square centimetre.

There are sliding door combinations available for in front of the wall or in the wall.


The Silence Ultra sliding door frame is a steel assembly frame for sliding doors, for a wall thickness of 100mm or 120mm (sliding door in the wall) or 70mm – 300mm (sliding door in front of the wall).  The Silence® Ultra sliding door is supplied with an aluminium grip edge, across the entire height of the door and with an integrated operational or free/occupied function of choice.

The range comprises various designs for application in house building and utility construction.

Frame design

The steel sliding door frame is available in 1.5mm (sliding door in the wall) or 1.0mm (sliding door in front of the wall), with a polyester powder coat top layer applied in the EPC unit and fitted with metal stud brackets. The sliding door frame in front of the wall is fitted with securing clamps.

Electronic sliding door frame combination

This delightfully styled silent space gainer is also available as an electronic sliding door system. The Silence Ultra Electric can be operated via a sensor, button or remote control.


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